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Vein illumination

VeinViewer is the only vein finder of its kind that can positively impact the entire Pre-, During and Post-access procedure  and is proven to reduce the number of stick attempts on patients and greatly increase patient satisfaction.

VeinViewer does more than just locate veins

Locating veins is only the first step to a successful venipuncture procedure. With HD imaging and Df2 (Digital Full Field) technology, VeinViewer® is the only vein finder that can help you improve the total patient experience by reducing the number of sticks, potentially improving intravenous catheter dwell times and avoiding associated complications. ​ VeinViewer has been proven to:

  • Increase first stick success by up to 100%
  • Decrease medically unnecessary PICC lines by greater than 30%
  • Increase patient satisfaction by 100%

VeinViewer delivers valuable information for the entire vascular access procedure and should be used to help assess the patient Pre-, During- and Post-access. Everyone from the novice to the experienced clinician can benefit from VeinViewer.

Pre-access: The most obvious vein is not always the best option for access. VeinViewer provides clinicians with assessment information to make a more informed decision.

  • Locate veins that are clinically relevant to a peripheral procedure, up to 10mm deep for PIV and up to 15mm for blood pattern assessment.
  • Use the VeinViewer image with TrueView accuracy to make a more informed decision in catheter gauge selection.
  • Determine the location of valves and bifurcations and avoid these problematic structures.
  • Find the optimal access point and vessel target that is sufficient for the length of the catheter.
  • Assess blood refill rate with real-time visual feedback prior to IV placement and during review of the site.

During-access: Unpredictable factors can make advancing the catheter a challenge and could require you to start the procedure over . Real-time Df² imaging, exclusive to VeinViewer, allows you to immediately react and adjust your technique to help ensure a successful outcome.

  • Navigate curves in the vessel.
  • Visualize a rolling vein.
  • Confirm a patent IV by visualizing the flush of IV fluids to determine if the catheter is flowing properly.

Post-access: Assessing the patency of the vessel with VeinViewer after catheter placement can help avoid potential complications and improve the patient experience.

  • Detect a hematoma from an accidental puncture as it forms and potentially avoid an infiltration.
  • Confirming a successful peripheral IV placement may help avoid medically unnecessary central lines such as PICC or CVC.

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