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The effective and reliable solution for pneumothorax

The recommended treatment for suspected tension pneumothorax is immediate needle decompression. Typically, needles used are 3-6cm. These are not always long enough to reach the pleural space and so it is recommended that the minimum needle length should be at least 7cm ThoraQuik has a large bore 10cm needle ensuring success in reacging the pleural space and minimising the rick of catheter occlusion once it is found.

1. Incorporate one-way valve

Enable fluid and air to pass out of the catheter with no risk of air being able to enter the pleural cavity.

2. Ergonomic Hub

Reduces the sick of catheter dislodgement

3. Adhesive Underside

Secures the device to the patient, minimising the risk of catheter dislodgement.

4. Large Gauge Cannula

Minimises the risk of occlusion.

5. Long length cannula with three eyes

10cm catheter reaches the pleural space even in large patients and minimises the risk of catheter occlucion.

6. Atraumetic Needle Tip

Minimises the risk of trauma on insertion.

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